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3AI August 17, 2020

Global Financial Services Company

Problem Statement

  • Customizing tracking implementation in line with business requirements
  • GAP Analysis/Debugging of Web Analytics Reports
  • Comprehensive tracking of revenue producing events by incoming sources and drilled down by content and keywords.
  • Approach and Analytics Roadmap
  • Process definition
  • User experience optimization – vendor selection and tool implementation

Analytics Led Approach

  • Product evaluation – Evaluated and recommended Tag management system
  • Project roadmap – Provided short & long term Digital analytics roadmap
  • Solution design – Created solution design & built enterprise tagging framework
  • Implementation – Implemented Adobe suite of Products Online Analytics  – Adobe Site Catalyst
  • Code governance – Audited SiteCatalyst & Ensighten tags to minimize data integrity issues
  • Mobile apps – Implemented SiteCatalyst tags using Ensighten on Mobile apps & Mobile web
  • Testing & Optimization Consulting – Evaluated and recommended most suitable tool to meet client Business, marketing analytics and technical requirements
  • Testing optimization tool implementation

Business Impact

  • Highlighted the existing gaps which helped generating qualified data and insights.
  • Enabled measuring effectiveness and content popularity
    • Page Level Tracking
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Visitor Engagement tracking
    • Campaign Tracking
    • User’s journey through out client sites
  • Reporting guide to help future implementations and Report configurations

Critical Success Factors

  • Reduced tag implementation time resulted in huge cost benefits
  • User experience optimization lead to increased ROI from internal campaigns

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