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Abdul September 10, 2020

World’s largest independent biotechnology firm

Problem Statement

  • Currently SAS BAI team creating weekly / monthly reports in a manual method
  • Most of the reports are automated using excel formulas.
  • Spending lot of time on excel formulas editing. Lot of chances will be there to miss the formulas edit as it is completely manual

Analytics Led Approach

  • An Automated and simplified the reports to meet the customer expectations.

  • Established statistical analysis between Amgen products and related competitors products in Market.

  • Analyzed relationship between SRE Unit demand and Sales.

  • A solution to proactively manage Adhoc and to meet customer SLA’s.

Business Impact

  • Standardize on a performance management framework.
  • Capture a single source of trusted sustainability business knowledge.
  • Know which metrics are related and which initiatives will have the greatest effect.
  • Communicate strategy, goals and objectives to facilitate effective execution.

Critical Success Factors

  • Simplify data collection, improve data quality and provide an auditable record to support reporting requirements thereby greatly improving company’s workflow
  • The SAS Sustainability Reporting supports globally accepted sustainability KPIs and provides embedded analytic routines to forecast results and prove relationships between metrics

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