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License Retention Modeling

September 10, 2020

A leading Global computer security software developer

Problem Statement

  • Conduct a PoC, to help the company improve retention rates of their Enterprise licenses
  • The client will have a list of identified customer profiles, that are predicted to attrite

Analytics Led Approach

  • Post-event analysis combining various data sources to derive preliminary insights into behavior of lost customers
  • The findings from post-event analysis is used on a big data platform to arrive at a modeling methodology to get individual variable significance in predicting customer churn

Business Impact

  • Findings from the POC would help identify the key factors driving customer churn
  • The company will have a list of recommendations on the most effective levers,  which can be tracked      and  leveraged to improve renewal rate
  • Directly impact customer loyalty and & help the client improve growth, ROI & profitability

Critical Success Factors

  • The Company was enabled to perform analysis based on advance techniques models without knowing programming
  • More robust and reliable predictions from using multiple models
  • The deliverables provided a broad based platform for the client to operationalize reusable analytics.

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