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AI STrategy & TransfORMation Summit

Streaming live on Friday, 24th September, 2021 | 3pm - 6pm IST

“The Next enterprise transformation will come through AI, from there on, it will be AI strategy led transformation”


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3AI STORM aka AI STrategy & TransfORMation summit puts into focus the strategic relevance of artificial intelligence in building survival strategies for Enterprises, GCCs and Startups in midst of pandemic, VUCA world and competitive business environment. AI is the most talked business lexicon amongst the business leaders & the most sought-after strategic priority for enterprises. It seems that not a day goes by without any industry coming out with a breakthrough application of AI, or a new nuance is added to the overall AI adoption. Horizontal and industry-specific use cases of AI are abound. However, with the keen interest from global leaders & senior executives of Indian & global corporations, GCCs, Technology Behemoths, Cloud providers, PE/VC firms, Startups; the conversation is shifting towards having a strategic agenda for AI in the enterprise.

Business Innovation & Disruption requires that AI strategy & transformation be regarded as core to the business model that differentiates a company and defines how it creates value, as well as to its operating model—the systems, processes, and capabilities that deliver value. The Algorithms needs to demonstrate agility in the decision making prowess of the enterprise thru insights, intelligence & recommendations. 3AI STORM summit will help harness the power of AI strategy & transformation to create customer value and competitive advantage.

This event is PATHBREAKING. The focus of this densely curated, contextually led event is on covering end to end coverage spectrum in:

Playbook for Decision making @ scale with AI

State of the art AI Center of Excellence (CoE) Construct

AI Strategy for competitive advantage & differentiation

AI capabilities for Business Transformation

Accelerating Analytics to AI journey

How to turn AI into ROI: Strategies to drive transformation & value for enterprises

AI applications & adoption: Innovative models & frameworks

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3AI STORM summit will stretch your thinking and broaden your perspectives with a practical, behind-the-scenes look at how Indian, global enterprises, Platform & Cloud providers, GCCs, startups are crafting AI strategy across the enterprise value chain to create value and differentiation.

3AI STORM is also designed for leaders , senior executives & working professionals that are evaluating the feasibility of introducing AI in their organizations, GCCs and businesses, planning to work on AI driven business models. Business leaders who are planning to build their AI capabilities in evolving the strategy for their businesses and organizations.

Given the cross industry and cross functional relevance of this summit, AI & Analytics aspirants, savants, learners are encouraged to participate as well. The summit will also detail out the strategic significance of AI and its indispensability to improve business performance and enabling the enterprise stay relevant.

Broad Themes that will be covered in 3AI STORM summit

Topical global AI market trends, developments & adoption areas

Leverage AI to drive strategic models, operational efficiency and business performance

Reimagining new age enterprise with AI strategy and transformation

How to drive strategic business transformation underpinned by AI strategy

AI application across industry verticals and business functions

How AI strategy is solving complex, unresolved and large problems in enterprises & GCCs

Building state of art AI Centre of Excellence Construct & framework

AI led strategic interventions in Customer Experience, Marketing, Risk & Fraud, HR, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain

Business decision making process amplified by AI

3AI STORM Summit Outcomes :

3AI STORM will compel participants to cogitate towards developing AI strategies in conjunction with looking at developing action plans for leveraging AI capabilities within their organizations/ GCCs and business functions for inculcating Transformation, Innovation and Disruption dynamics within their organizations. The participants will also be showcased with topical scenarios, best practices and global trends in AI arena.

Decision makers & professionals going through the journey of conceptualizing & developing AI strategy for a business function or industry segment

Learnings about building blocks of AI strategy, AI @ scale capability building & problem solving leveraged by AI

AI as strategic enabler for innovation & transformation: building new business models and value chains

3AI STORM: AI STrategy & TransfORMation Summit
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Opening Address

Roundtable Session: AI Strategy for Competitive Advantage & Innovation

Keynote: The Evolution of AI

Panel Discussion: Building State of the Art AI COE – Strategic Perspectives

Opening AddressFireside Chat: Decision Making @scale with AI: The New PlaybookOpening Address

OpeniUnplugged Debate: AI Applications & Adoption – Innovation Models & Approaches

3AI STORM summit will bring together top of line 25+ stellar AI & Analytics leaders, 10+ enthralling sessions, 1500+ participants from Enterprises, GCCs, Startups, Consulting, Technology, BPM firms and Academia in a pacey and pulsating 3 hours format on immersive AIRMEET platform.

3AI STORM Summit Agenda

3:00pm – 3:10pm

Opening Remarks > Welcome to 3AI STORM: AI Strategy & Transformation Summit

3:10pm – 3:30pm

Opening Keynote

  • Hari T.N., CHRO, BigBasket

3:30pm – 4:05pm

Roundtable Session: AI Strategy for Competitive Advantage & Innovation

AI is invoking massive shifts in the business value chain of enterprises/start-ups and is redefining what it takes to accomplish competitive advantage and upping the innovation quotient. Whilst enterprises/start-ups have embarked upon the journey of triggering AI strategy for enterprises for growth, scalability and innovation; very few enterprises/startups have developed a full scale AI strategy that’s contextualised and enterprise-wide. A deep concerted focus on strategic building blocks of AI can help enterprises/start-ups develop penetrating insights, intelligence & recommendations.

The session brings together experts from Innovation, AI, Strategy background and they will focus on strategic discussions on various facets of bringing in need for AI strategy for enterprises & start-ups to up the ante on competitive differentiation & innovation.

  • Sameer Dhanrajani, CEO, AIQRATE Advisory & Consulting | President, 3AI (MODERATOR)
  • Avnish Sabharwal, Managing Director, Accenture
  • Pankaj Rai, Group Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Aditya Birla Group
  • Madhurima Agarwal, Director, Engineering Programs, NetAppp
  • Nirupam Srivastava,Vice President, Strategy & AI, Hero Group
  • Rani John Britto, Principal, SAS

4:05pm – 4:25pm

Keynote: The Evolution of AI

  • Ambica Rajagopal, Group Chief AI Officer, Michelin

4:25pm – 4:55pm

Panel Discussion : Building State of the Art AI Center of Excellence (CoE) – Strategic Perspectives

AI is invoking massive shifts in the business value chain of enterprises and is redefining what it takes to accomplish competitive advantage and upping the innovation quotient. AI & Analytics CoE within enterprises and GCs are evolving from being cost centres to value drivers of transformation, innovation & disruption. AI & Analytics CoEs are set up not just for cost arbitrage but go all the way to curate best of breed AI & Analytics capabilities & solutions,  design topical date to insights infrastructure, tap into robust & capable talent and nurture in-house innovation & transformation. AI & Analytics CoEs are generating significant business impact through AI driven process innovation and revealing new sources of revenue for stakeholders.

The session brings together experts with multifarious background and they will focus on strategic perspectives on the different dimensions of building and scaling AI & Analytics Center of Excellence.

  • Naveen Yeri, SVP, Enterprise Analytics & Data Science, Wells Fargo (MODERATOR)
  • Jayati De, Global Analytics Leader, Amazon
  • Vinay Jammu, Vice President, Physical-Digital Technologies, GE Digital
  • Anshuma Singh, Deputy Director, Applied Materials
  • Sudheer Tumuluru, Vice President, Engineering, Myntra

4:55pm – 5:25pm

Fireside Session: Decision Making @scale with AI: The New Playbook

In the age of exponential technologies revolution, AI continues to dominate the business & technology landscape. Whilst the naysayers have advocated the doomsday for humanity by predicting the advent of singularity, AI for good & all have several applications to usher a new change in how we make decisions at enterprise and personal spheres. Traditionally , human decisions are to a large extent are based on intuition , gut and historical data …in the age of algorithm economy, several of our decisions will be taken by algorithms.  Algorithms that are personalized, curated and consumed for our own decision making . Leveraging AI, the ability to mimic the human brain and the ensuing ability to sense, comprehend and act will significantly go up and that will result in the emergence of decision making @scale and an emergence of new playbook at the enterprise level. The session brings together experts with multifarious background and they will discuss and unravel aspects on AI taking over decision making and the ensuing impact at the enterprise level.

  • Nitin Sareen, SVP, Consumer Analytics, Wells Fargo
  • Smitha Suryanarayanan, Senior Director, Business Analytics, Envestnet | Yodlee
  • Sowjanya Shetty, Director, Microsoft India (ANCHOR)

5:25pm – 5:55pm

Unplugged Debate: AI Applications & Adoption – Innovative Models & Approaches

Unleashing the true power of AI adoption requires scaling it across the entire business value chains and calls for reimagining the customer experience, innovating new products & services and transforming the businesses. AI applications and adoption can usher new operating models, influence the business decision making and become a trojan horse for triggering innovation & disruption. Whilst, several businesses are still focused on siloed use cases and disparate POCs, the full potential of AI adoption can only be realized if the enterprise evolve and implement innovative models & approaches for enterprise wide AI adoption. The session brings together experts from AI Strategy & Technology background and they will focus on strategic discussions on various dimensions of innovative models and approaches for enterprise wide AI adoption.

  • Rohini Srivathsa, CTO, Microsoft India
  • Ujjyaini Mitra, Chief Data Officer, ZEE + ZEE5
  • Tathagat Varma, Head, Strategy & Operations, Walmart Global Tech India

5:55pm – 6:00pm

Closing Remarks | Virtual Networking

Meet the Stellar line-up of
3AI STORM Speakers

Rohini Srivathsa



Tathagat Varma

VP Strategy. PhD Scholar in AI Business.

Walmart Global Tech India

Pankaj Rai

Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer

 Aditya Birla Group

Avnish Sabharwal

Digital, Innovation, Ventures


Hari T.N



Ambica Rajagopal

Group Chief AI Officer 


Naveen Yeri

SVP | AI Leader | Inventor Hall of Fame Member

Wells Fargo

Jayati De

Global analytics leader


Nirupam Srivastava

VP Strateg

Hero Group

Smitha Suryanarayanan

Senior Director , Business Analytics


Vinay Jammu

VP – Physical-Digital Technologies

GE DigitalS

Ujjyaini Mitra

Entrepreneur. Data & Digital transformation expert. AI strategist.

Madhurima Agarwal 

Strategy and Innovation leader| Thought Leader | Public Speaker


Nitin Sareen

SVP, Consumer Analytics and Marketing Lead 

Wells Fargo

Rani Britto

Principal Partner Strategic Advisor


Anshuma Singh



Sudheer Tumuluru

Vice President Of Engineering


Sowjanya S



Sameer Dhanrajani


AIQRATE advisory & consulting

Riaz Basha