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What is 3AI Catapult Program?
India’s most credible AI and Analytics Assessment Program

April 4, 2021

Satyamoy Chatterjee
EVP, Analyttica Datalab Inc

The biggest reason is that the aspirants who wish to switch their career in this field do not have a complete understanding of the required skills. A big challenge that candidates come across after gaining required skills is gaining the trust of the employer and prove his/her understanding of the field and demonstrate the skills gained.

To demonstrate the required knowledge and skillsets, aspirants look for relevant assessment and certification programs. 3AI Catapult – Foundational AI and Analytics Assessment is one such and most credible assessment program, designed in collaboration with Analyttica Datalabs.ics engagement.

In this webinar, the 3AI Catapult Program will be discussed in detail. The following points will be covered during this webinar:-

  • Career in the field of AI and Analytics
  • Current situation and future scope
  • 3AI Catapult Program, powered by Leaps
  • The uniqueness of program
  • Benefits of Program
  • 3AI Catapult Exam Information
  • How to prepare for Catapult
  • Study resources to prepare for 3AI Catapult
  • Questions and Answers

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