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In the continuum, we are pleased to announce 2nd Edition of 3AI Zenith Awards 2022. 3AI Zenith Awards 2022 aims to recognize exceptional set of Global Capability Centers (GCCs) and associated talent across categories working in GCCs. 3AI Zenith Awards 2022 nominations will be open only for GCCs and professionals working in GCCs.

3AI, India’s largest platform for AI & Analytics leaders, professionals & aspirants have pioneered and conceptualized 350+ pathbreaking engagements & interventions for our 550+ AI & Analytics thought leaders,18000+ active 3AI members and external ecosystem. Further, we have institutionalized several initiatives to promote & enhance talent advocacy and recognize the significant contribution of enterprises & GCCs that are delivering cutting edge work in AI & Analytics along with rewarding exceptional talent across different genres of industry segments and role profiles in AI, Analytics & Data Sciences ecosystem.

Top GCCs in AI, Analytics & Data Sciences

Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are at a critical inflection point. As multinational corporations continue to move to an AI-first paradigm, they are looking at their GCCs to provide AI prowess to drive the innovation & transformation.AI & Analytics has taken a robust foothold in the GCCs, with their talent powering data-driven decisions for their parent organizations. The next generation of the GCCs will be expected to provide autonomous decision support and an AI-augmented human intelligence. AI, Analytics & Data Science leaders at GCC’s will need to harness the burgeoning power of AI to drive corporate decisions, automate repetitive, low-value tasks and reinvent business models for the continued success of their business in the new world.

3AI Zenith Awards 2022 : Top GCCs in AI , Analytics & data Sciences recognizes the exemplary performance of top GCCs that have demonstrated sustained AI , Analytics & Data Sciences prowess through differentiated capabilities & offerings, building state of art AI/Analytics Center of Excellence, crafting novel AI, Analytics & Data Sciences talent strategies or executed continual AI, Analytics & Data Science engagements with demonstrated impact & value. Top GCCs in AI, Analytics & Data Science Awards is a first ever attempt by 3AI to acknowledge the immense contribution of GCCs that are playing a pivotal role in advancing the transformation & innovation quotient of their parent organizations with AI, Analytics & Data Sciences.

Spotlight Awards


3AI Zenith 2022 Spotlight Awards acknowledges the noteworthy and remarkable contribution of exemplary performers in GCCs in the AI. Analytics & Data Science arena with 2-12 years of overall working experience. The award category will recognize & showcase the contributions of AI, Analytics & Data Science professionals in GCCs that have demonstrated eminent project work , research and talent engagements in AI, Analytics & Data Science within their GCCs and acted as role models in their organizations.

To illustrate further, the nominee may have applied a novel approach in the existing or previous AI, Analytics & Data Science engagements that led to business impact for the parent organization, successfully led AI ,Analytics & Data Sciences team through a challenging & complex project or crafted a novel process to deploy AI, Analytics & Data Science solution, platform or capability.

AI & Analytics Leaders in GCCs Awards

Nominees in this category are leaders with above 12 years of overall but pertinent professional work experience. This award is intended to recognize and celebrate leaders that have demonstrated continual thought leadership and delivered significantly for the parent organizations on building and scaling AI , Analytics , Data Engineering capabilities and/or successful handing of AI , Analytics , Data Engineering portfolio teams that have created a new code of culture for GCC that promotes, fosters, and rewards a focus on AI, Analytics & Data Engineering domains leading to measurable improvements for the parent organizations.

AI & Analytics Leaders in GCCs awards aims to recognize the leaders that have built robust AI & Analytics capabilities & solutions ,delivered scalable business impact through AI, Analytics, Data Sciences-powered solutions , managed large/niche AI ,Analytics or Data Engineering teams with best practices and novel engagement metrics .