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AI in Healthcare – Redefining the Future

August 7, 2022

Dr Anjali Kulkarni
VP – Clinical Informatics,
Karkinos Healthcare

Digital Health has been transforming the healthcare industry in a big way. With increasing adoption of connected healthcare and telehealth, there is a data powered revolution in clinical care. Healthcare data analytics market is expected to have a CAGR of around 20% in coming years. With many stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem like care providers, insurance companies, life sciences and patients themselves, there are many opportunities for data driven applications, the end goal being improved patient care, increasing efficiencies and value-based services.

The recent pandemic reinforced the significance of quality healthcare data and its utility to generate actionable insights like drug development, risk mitigation measures, predictive analytics at population and even individual level. Still, the adoption of AI in healthcare industry is low compared to other industries due to many challenges like fragmented data across multiple systems, heterogenous data, sensitive health information and regulatory hurdles.

Login to this session as Anjali explores the various facets of data and AI in healthcare and its potential to redefine the relationship between quality, cost and accessibility in healthcare.

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