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Customer Affiliations

Abdul September 10, 2020

A leading player in the pharma industry

Problem Statement

  • Changing pharmaceutical market requires new flexible operational models to improve sales force efficiency
  • Managed care controls physician and patient access to drug treatment (formulary status)
  • Physicians embrace group practice structure to effectively manage cost of doing business
  • Pharmaceutical companies need to conduct business with significantly reduced sales forces (reach/ frequency/ segmentation/ alignments)

Analytics Led Approach

  • Build a physician-account affiliations database that would map all the PCP targets to the account they work out of – data for this comes from IMS-HCOS, client internal database & Web; BPO (by contacting targets / accounts) & client sales force validate & add affiliations.
  • In cases where one physician is affiliated to several accounts, identify the best account to reach the physician
  • Provide summaries of the database at territory, region & division levels

Business Impact

  • Calling on accounts rather than individual targets would improve sales force efficiency
  • Reaching out to the most influential accounts would increase revenues of the marketed drugs
  • Summaries at territory, region and division levels would help optimize call plans

Critical Success Factors

  • Affiliations database have a much higher accuracy and better coverage compared to affiliation information obtained from HCOS
  • Identify the IDN accounts that control the buying behavior of accounts in the database

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