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Data Science: Opportunities & Expectations – The Road Ahead

May 9, 2021

Vijaya Ghosh
Vice President, Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions

Data Science as a career has gone through a major metamorphosis over the last decade and has assumed a critical role in any enterprise & startups for generating business impact & outcomes. Evolution of new sources of data, ensemble algorithmic techniques, emergence of cloud & data engineering capabilities, ML enabled algorithms have pushed the envelope in the data science field. Whilst the opportunities for aspiring & existing data scientists across industries & business functions have grown multifold, the ensuing role expectations have gone up as well. Vijaya Ghosh, Vice President at Bridgei2i Analytics and 3AI Thought Leader & Mentor is a marquee data science leader with two decades of seasoned & pertinent experience. Vijaya will share her side of panoramic view of new set of roles & opportunities for data scientists along with resetting of capability & competencies development for data scientists. Further, she will also dwell upon the pertinent expectations that enterprises are looking at data scientists to deliver. A must attend session!

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