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How AI is supercharging Metaverse

3AI March 7, 2023

Featured Article:

Author: Dr. Anish Agarwal, Global Head of Analytics, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

The Metaverse is one of the most significant rising technologies right now. Some will say you have to travel in time to know about it. But the metaverse has given a huge platform to people to hypothetically get into the imaginary world.

As we move into an increasingly digital world, the line between our physical and virtual lives continues to blur. In this new era, a technology known as the metaverse is emerging that promises to merge these two realities even further.

What exactly is metaverse? It is a virtual world that allows people to chat, work, play, shop, etc., without leaving their homes. It is an amalgamation of multiple technologies like blockchain, 3D animation, IoT, and augmented and virtual reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) is predominant.

Talking about AI, it is a branch of science that deals with developing smart machines that are competent enough to accomplish tasks that usually need human intelligence. Now, to be more specific, when AI is coupled with Metaverse, it guarantees the firmness of the metaverse infrastructure. Apart from this, it transports practicable information to the topmost layers.

Artificial Intelligence and the metaverse are some of the most prominent technologies of the 21st century. Each can enhance people’s lives in many ways, improve many industries, and increase the efficiency of many working processes. AI and the metaverse can be applied in such industries as healthcare, gaming, management, marketing, education, and more. Generally, these technologies are looked at separately without considering their influence on each other and their potential for collaboration.

So, what are the ways in which metaverse is making use of AI?


The most thrilling experience that gives goosebumps to the users is the metaverse avatars. The unique feature that captures the people’s attention is the outstanding designs and the creativity surrounding them. One can alter their face, hair color, their sense of styling (clothes) as per their taste. The best part is that they can inspect the images in 2D or 3D form. The application of AI is enough to build precise and reality-based avatars. There are a lot of companies that are utilizing metaverse with AI to create avatars.

Data Learning:

The elementary part of artificial intelligence and machine learning is data learning. Now, the working of data learning is based on the older models that are fed to the system. The process of getting additional data and human feedback is beneficial for the model. This helps in making the output superior to the previous one.

The reason behind learning data is that in the future, AI will be able to do all sorts of work and generate output that is the same as that of human beings. Eventually, what will happen is that the scalability will increase with reduced human interference.

Digital humans:

These creatures can view and listen to the users to comprehend what they are actually saying. They can utilize body language and speech to develop human-like conversations. In the Metaverse, there are digital humans in the form of 3D chatbots that react and respond to the actions in a VR world. These are the non-playing characters (NPC) in the virtual reality whose feedback and actions are evaluated by an automated script, in comparison to a character controlled by a user or player. Digital humans are entirely built on AI technology that acts as an essential component in the construction of the Metaverse.

Language processing:

Users from all over the world will be able to benefit from interacting in the Metaverse. With the help of AI, you will be able to interact in the Metaverse freely. The AI can be segregated into various languages like English that can be transformed into a machine-readable format. The desired output is induced on proper review, which is again translated into English. After that, it is sent to the user for evaluation. An analysis is then performed, and an output (or response) is produced, which is then converted back into English and sent over to the user. The process does not take long and creates authentic effects.

There have been significant advancements in machine learning, and the growth is expected to increase by leaps and bounds. The fusion of metaverse and artificial intelligence has all the possibilities to bring sci-fi to existence. It would be a place where people, apart from socializing, will be able to trade NFTs and other cryptocurrencies. There is only one thing that needs to be taken care of, which is too many platforms can make people confused. Much needed time and space should be provided in the upgradation process to make it more human-like.

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