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Impact analysis of Direct to Consumer marketing campaigns

Abdul September 10, 2020

Large Lifesciences company

Problem Statement

  • Television advertisements focusing on key portfolio brands were launched in order to provide impetus to client’s marketing campaign.

  • Impact of the above campaign on individual brands as well as the combined portfolio needed to be analyzed.

  • The solution required to exclude the effect of extraneous factors like managed care and other promotion channels.

Analytics Led Approach

  • To remove the seasonality of sale fluctuation and to capture actual promotion impact ,time series regression model was used
  • Promotion impact was estimated at various segment levels  across geography using impression data
  • A separate impact analysis for each brand was conducted to capture the impact of the multiple other promotions for the brand

Business Impact

  • Estimate the impact of DTC promotion  but also analyze the impact of other extraneous components on brand and portfolio sales

Critical Success Factors

  • Appropriate analysis methodology selection for different direct to consumer channels

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