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Offshore data processing

September 10, 2020

Leading specialty bio-pharma company

Problem Statement

  • Company purchases Patient claims data from different vendors. And needs help to set up / facilitate the entire process.
  • Also, using Claims data, Client want to understand the patient / physicians / product – behavior and characteristics in the market on regular / ad-hoc basis.
  • Company needs to set up an integrated environment and a standard process to track portfolio products performance.

Analytics Led Approach

  • Using different tools (SAS EG / Advanced Excel with Macros / SAS Excel Plug-Ins) and extensive techniques, set up a smooth regular process that will ensure delivering KPI trackers to company on a scheduled basis.
  • Dedicated team effort allocated to update / manage / maintain the initial set up and on-going support of the company’s internal patient data claims data base.
  • On demand basis, provided KPI / impact measurement metrics like persistency, adherence, compliance, source of business , line of therapy etc..

Business Impact

  • Scheduled on-time reports were used to understand their products stand in the market, in-turn helping company to take decisions based on the situation
  • Company has freed up with the immense databases set-up.
  • This eased their decision-making process by easily and quickly tracking their inventory.

Critical Success Factors

  • This served as a one stop analytics data mart for various reports
  • The decision making process was eased significantly with periodic market assessment reports from the stream lined data

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