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Revenue Forecasting: Opportunity Conversion & Revenue Prediction Using Azure ML

October 27, 2020

World’s Largest software maker headquartered in USA

Problem Statement

  • Data spread across multiple locations and systems which need to be consolidated and processed for analysis
  • Existing sales forecasting process does not predict revenue at each stage for different 13 areas and at the granularity level of individual opportunities

Solution Approach

  • Feed Data of 13 Geographies

  • Data Preparation & Business Rule application

  • Decision Tree & Ensembles

  • Interactive Dashboard on Power BI

Business Impact

  • Accuracy of ~82% in predicted Opportunity that will result in Win   

  • Accuracy of ~79% in predicted Revenue across geographies

  • Identification of opportunities at risk and necessary corrective actions

Critical Success Factors

  • Data Preprocessing
  • Model Data
  • Model Development

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