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Volume Forecasting for IT Support Tickets

Abdul September 6, 2020

Europe based manufacturing client

Problem Statement

  • A manufacturing giant runs its IT Support center operations from multiple locations. With various LOBs, Languages, Teams, and Geographies. Due to an incumbent process, the demand queue was not properly managed.
  • Linear extrapolation was yielding a high error percentage for demand planning, the team wanted a much more correct volume estimate.

Analytics Led Approach

Methodology Comparison and Evaluation

Event Class Suggestion

  • Part comparison of methodologies to evaluate the ‘best in class’ forecaster
  • Evaluation of the methodologies which yield the most believable forecasts

Critical Success Factors

  • High accuracy of forecasts, increase of efficiency by over 90% from the original forecast
  • Multiple LOB’s utilized multiple models to evaluate the time patterns and estimates. A combination of methodologies ensured more flexible model
  • Demand planning effort for the IT Support teams went down significantly to yield much more efficient results and better shift planning

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