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AI Landscape in the Credit Card Industry

3AI July 31, 2022

Vibhu Goenka
Vice President – Analytics,
EXL Service

In Credit Card & Payments industry, there is immense value to be derived from data-driven decision-making owing to the variety and volume of data available from both internal and external sources. The business impact could be even higher for sales & marketing use cases given lesser regulatory constraints as against risk use cases.

In this session, Vibhu explored interesting use cases in Credit Card Sales & Marketing domain and shared how analytics & data science have transformed these functions by impacting each phase of the customer lifecycle, be it acquisition, engagement/growth or retention.

He started the session by giving an overview of Credit Cards domains where AI & Analytics can add value and discussed the key dimensions driving business impact in the Sales domain: improving targeting efficiency, insights & talk tracks, intelligent allocation of portfolios & leads and effective real-time cross-channel utilization. On the dimensions of marketing analytics, he touched up campaign design & measurement, multi-touch attribution, calculating LTV & profitability and on improved cross-sell & up-sell strategies. Vibhu discussed multiple live case studies across this session and concluded the session by explaining the building blocks of successful AI engagements.

Thank you Vibhu for this insightful session.

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