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Brand Launch Uptake Behaviour

September 10, 2020

A Large Lifesciences company

Problem Statement

  • Company wanted to classify and predict brands’ launch uptake.
  • Intend to understand launch dynamics through the study.

Analytics Led Approach

  • Historical product launch curves were clustered in launch uptake families in order to group products with similar uptake/sales growth.
  • Logistic regression algorithm was applied to predict uptake using product attributes, market dynamics, product differentiators and marketing mix.

Business Impact

  • Company was able to understand launch dynamics through the classification of various launch drugs’ launch uptake into ‘aggressive’, ‘steady’ and ‘slow’ segments.
  • Significant predictor attributes towards aggressive family membership were found.
  • Also identified key drivers of launch products’ sales uptake to help predict membership.

Critical Success Factors

  • Analysis performed across all three key dimensions – Product differentiators, Market dynamics and Marketing mix.

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