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Coremetrics Implementation

Abdul September 10, 2020

International toy manufacturer

Problem Statement

  • Current digital reporting tool used by the company was not giving accurate information; Company wanted to migrate to a new tool
  • The KPIs and metrics being captured in the current tool were also not complete; also the metrics were common to all brands whereas in reality each brand had quite a different strategy to engage visitors
  • Content development was associated with significant costs, hence the need to understand content that would be appreciated by the end user

Analytics Led Approach

  • Identifying engagement tools Shortlisting KPIs for each brand
  • Implementing Coremetrics tags on brand webpages and brand elements
  • Scheduling monthly reports & dashboards
  • Engagement Segment Definition
  • Brand-wise KPIs, Reports & Dashboards and Result & Analysis

Business Impact

  • Brand managers of all sub brands were able to track parameters that were relevant to their brands
  • DMMs would be able to invest their content management budgets more wisely in terms of making their brand website more relevant to customers

Critical Success Factors

  • KPI Rationalization and generating dashboards for brand managers and digital marketing managers (DMMs)
  • Digital Marketing Managers of respective brands were able to identify content that is more engaging and not so engaging in their respective brands

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