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Customer Profiling and Segmentation

September 10, 2020

World’s largest airline

Problem Statement

  • Huge online and offline data which needed integration for actionable analysis

Analytics Led Approach

  • Profile customers based on their online purchasing/browsing behavior with offline transactions
  • Various data points were considered:
    • Online Data – Web Visit, Web Registration, Online Transactions, Email Campaigns, Banner Ads
    • Offline Data – Sales, Demography, Store location, Address
  • The following steps were applied:
    • Visitor profiling
    • Channel Preference
    • Purchasing preference
    • Visitor and session recognition

Business Impact

  • Profiling helped in recognizing the potential buyers and up-sell seasonal buyers
  • Channel preference helped client in reaching out to customers with their preferred channel
  • Taste of a buyer helped client in reaching them with targeted offers

Critical Success Factors

  • Visitor and session recognition was improved by 30-50%

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