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Deciphering AI in the Gaming Industry

September 5, 2021

Kishore Kumar
Head – Customer Success

Online games have come a very long way since the days of Minesweeper, Pac Man, Solitaire to name a few. COVID, if anything, has only propelled the demand for online games resulting in bigger and faster changes coming to life; be it the market landscape, increasing competition amongst game providers or users wanting better and more realistic experiences. Easing smartphone affordability and internet accessibility have further fuelled the demand, globally.

Interestingly there is a lot of data available about user behaviours, purchase patterns, game interactions, etc spiralling every second making a stronger case to implement various AI / ML solutions. Interesting techniques like Pathfinding, Finite State Machines, Behaviour Trees, Deep Neural Networks, Procedural Content Generation are being leveraged for developing modern games. Explore many more interesting AI techniques – please join Kishore as he deciphers how AI is changing the gaming industry.

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