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Emerging Roles & Opportunities in Global Capability Centers (GCCs): Enabled by Exponential Technologies

August 12, 2019

Global Capability Centers(GCC’s) are at a pivotal turning point as the pace at which digitization is changing every aspect is fast paced and agile. The rapid transformation and innovation of GCC’s today is driven by new age or exponential technologies :AI, internet of things (IoT), blockchain, cloud computing , RPA, Cyber security. Exponential technologies are seen to double their performance every couple of years while reducing their costs in half. In recent times; GCC story is in a changing era of value and transformative arbitrage. Most of the GCCs are aiming towards deploying suite of exponential technologies :RPA, Blockchain, IoT, AI to get into digital play. It is widely predicted that exponential technologies will disrupt and transform capability centers in the coming decades.

This blog aims to demystify emerging exponential technologies and examine the developing role that it could play in both the immediate and long-term future of GCC’s. From applying AI to exploring how blockchain could be used to transform businesses, we will envision ways to apply and adopt exponential technologies to GCC related challenges.

Cloud Based Digital Transformation

Big Data technology and cloud computing are widespread across the globe GCC’s are finding the right way to use it, so they can accomplish their business goals. As automation drives businesses, insights derived from big data analytics are like a data mine for businesses to make data-driven decisions. The onset of big data and cloud has led changing job roles and responsibilities in GCC such as BI/BD engineers, Cloud Architects, BI/BD Solutions Architects, Data Visualization Developer.

Automation, RPA for GCC’s

GCC’s today are rapidly adopting robotic process automation. The aim for the workforce is to focus more on value added tasks. Automation value can be leveraged when Cognitive strikes convergence with RPA and enable autonomous decision making, understanding natural language, self-learning and ability to handle scenarios that entail unstructured data and complex decision making.

Automation is seen as the current and huge opportunity in GCC’s. It has a huge potential in its ability to capture the rule-based market. Robotic Process Automation are delivered as virtual Robots, tools, or a set of scripts, an error free enabled automated process. Some of the emerging roles in this area include RPA developer, Deployment engineer


Increased collaboration between businesses, GCC’s and tech vendors unlock the power of blockchain across multiple use cases. Given its immutable and decentralized nature, blockchain will be invaluable in sectors such as manufacturing, supply chain and financial services and we will see innovative use cases coming out of these domains

Within blockchain, smart contracts specifically will gain immense traction. The business value of smart contracts is remarkably clear – they drastically reduce the time and effort for routine but lengthy paperwork processes, while maintaining the sanctity through a blockchain network.

Blockchain development is reshaping the GCC environment with  emerging distributed ledger technology. This requires niche skill sets and roles such as Blockchain developers/engineers, Blockchain legal consultant

Artificial Intelligence Predominance

AI’s ability to enhance decision making, reinvent business models and ecosystems, and remake the customer experience will drive the payoff for digital initiatives through 2025. The AI foundation consists of numerous technologies and techniques that have grown over many years: recommendation systems, decision trees, linear regression and neural networks impacting the next-gen GCC’s.

Following core trends in AI will dominate across GCC;s:

Adoption of “plug and play”, as-a-service solutions in AI for organizations with less than global-scale resources to think about integrating narrow AI.

Enterprise Conversational AI will see mainstream adoption and will look to add voice enabled interfaces to their existing point-and-click dashboards and systems.

AI and machine learning continue to be the most penetrable technology trends within GCC’s. The capability centers are adopting software tools that are enabled with machine learning and AI capabilities to eliminate manual intervention. the emerging job titles and roles evolve as Data scientists, Statisticians.

Internet of Things (IoT)

As capability centers are becoming more digital to deliver a connected and seamless experience, IoT will trend among the latest technologies. The emergence of this technologies give rise to newer job roles such as IoT Managers, IoT Business Designers, full stack developers etc. The functional and technical areas of these roles span across the expertise of applying sensors, embedded devices, software and other electronics to businesses with front-end and back-end technologies.

The rise of exponential technologies and the need to stay upbeat with it, allows scope for the changing landscape of GCC’s through new opportunities and roles. Technologies :cloud computing, cyber security , AI , blockchain, robotics process automation (RPA) will continue to be in the fore front of this changing landscape. The GCC’s will continue to directly boost the need for skills on the exponential technologies front . Time for GCC heads and talent acquisition leaders to revamp their business and talent strategies .

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