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Multi-channel Marketing Analytics

August 17, 2020

A leading US Bank

Problem Statement

  • Initiative to track 360 degree view of the customer experience on the Bank’s online and mobile channel
  • Need to gain better visibility around the effectiveness of varied sales and marketing initiatives

Analytics Led Approach

  • Real-time online analytics using Site Catalyst
  • Reports showing detailed information on purchasing metrics, customer loyalty, campaigns, visitor profiles etc.
  • Data analysis from multiple data sources (both online and offline) to gain actionable customer intelligence
  • A/B or Multivariate testing of various campaigns for targeted marketing

Business Impact

  • Achieved risk-adjusted 3-year ROI of 25%
  • Reached break-even on the investment within one year
  • Realized total (risk-adjusted) net present value of $771,560
  • 10.5% increase in NPV due to changes on the organization’s home page based on initial A/B testing

Critical Success Factors

  • Understanding of end-to-end marketing lifecycle
  • Expertise in various marketing analytics products – Site Catalyst, Insight and Test & Target
  • Innovation led delivery- creation of standard dashboards instead of manual reporting for improved efficiency

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