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Optimization of budget spend across channels, brands & geographies

September 10, 2020

US Pharmaceutical company

Problem Statement

  • Company uses various promotion channels across various countries / brands.
  • The existing allocation process was ad hoc in nature – mostly based on benchmarks and past experience an was driven more by intuition.
  • Company wanted to evaluate the performance of its different promotion channels and plan for optimize multi-channel budget allocation across geography.

Analytics Led Approach

  • leveraged historical data and market research to estimate the promotion response.
  • Estimated ROI of most of the promotional channels across time span via a mix of “Control-Experiment” approaches and “Time Series” approaches.
  • The results were used to estimate the impact of future programs and create promotion response models.
  • Multi-channel optimization based on profitability was performed using our in-house tools

Business Impact

  • The solution provided helped the company in developing optimal promotion mix across all the channels being utilized.
  • Performance of various channels along with revenue impact was explained.
  • Helped track promotional efforts and understand the effective synergies of the channels.

Critical Success Factors

  • Robust and well defined analysis methodology
  • Deep domain and business understanding..

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