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Real Time Inventory Management Using Rules Based Analytics

November 4, 2020

Large US based health and wellness products company

Problem Statement

Legacy systems need to be replaced to aid faster delivery cycles, meeting higher %age of SLAs, and real time business view in supply chain management. Client wants to Optimize the new inventory and ordering platform based on different metrics and to bring it in sync with the legacy system

Solution Approach

  • Order Data

  • Inventory Data

  • Model Dataset

  • Dashboard

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Rule Based Approach

Business Impact

  • Automated order alerting mechanism based on set of rules

  • Fine tuning different metrics like safety stock holding, optimized inventory stock, economic ordering and presentation quality

  • Real time Unified business View Of All Stores

Critical Success Factors

  • Better Inventory Optimization
  • Better Order Management
  • Capture trends of stores on real time and take action

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