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Role of Analytics in Optimizing Customer Experience

3AI October 2, 2022

Guruprasad Rao
Head of Analytics, Data Science and BI,
Mahindra and Mahindra

In this Consumer analytics focussed session with B2C in perspective, Guruprasad discussed the application of analytics in consumer-facing functions including marketing, sales, service, product planning and strategy to enable informed decision-making by the function heads. He explained the importance of consumer analytics for win more; grow more and retain more goals. He discussed the importance of consumer data and presented examples of data that can be collected across the Customer Experience Journey in Auto industry sector. He touched upon the important role of CMO and CIO in consumer analytics initiatives and the essentials of successful consumer analytics projects. He also presented the elements of building a consumer analytics roadmap and defining KPIs. He concluded the session by walking through the frameworks & approaches and key/emerging consumer analytics use cases.

Thank you Guruprasad for this insightful session.

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