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Systematic targeting to shortlist customers

September 10, 2020

Large player in the US healthcare industry

Problem Statement

  • Company wants to improve the completion rate by reaching out to customers more likely to complete the HRA ( for commercial plans)
  • Company does not want to invest huge sums of money on this campaign and hence wants a very precise and concise target list
  • Company expects more customers coming out of exchanges due to the implementation of the Obama Care and has no idea about the characteristics of these members

Analytics Led Approach

  • Leveraged the company’s claims data (medical claims, Rx claims, Mental Health Claims, Vision Claims), enrolment and case management data to shortlist 400+ predictors of HRA completion
  • Company did not have psychographic / behavioral data; leveraged its partnership with 3rd party vendors to arrive at 200+ behavioral predictors
  • Interactions between predictors were studied and principal components were identified.
  • Robust statistical techniques were employed to arrive at propensity rates for HRA completion based on which targets were identified.

Business Impact

  • Company was in a position to target customers for HRA completion from 10% of customer base and still increase the HRA completion rate over five fold
  • Company could compute the propensity to complete HRA at a customer level depending on behavioral parameters and change in utilization behavior

Critical Success Factors

  • partnership with 3rd party vendors enabled the clients leverage critical psychographic information that would help predict the HRA completion behavior of the members, especially for people coming off exchanges

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