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Unlocking Value using AI for the Telecommunication Industry

3AI May 22, 2022

Amit Gupta
Director – CVM & Analytics | Head – CoE Advanced Analytics,

e& (Etisalat International)

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have been exploring & adopting AI in multiple use cases across, network operations, customer experience, sales & marketing, cost optimization, and resource allocation. So, it is apparent that, like other industries, the future of telecom is AI-driven to progress from descriptive & diagnostic to predictive & prescriptive especially for lowering costs, making better decisions, enhancing customer experience, and maximizing customer lifetime value.

Amit started the session by giving a glimpse of the Global Telecom Industry. While discussing the nature and numbers of the industry, he highlighted the fact that Telecom industry is influencing 70% of the world’s population, contributes 5% to Global GDP and also is the largest aggregator of consumer data.

Amit discussed the current challenges for Telcos and the adoption of AI into every function as the key to tackling these challenges. He also shared representative AI use cases across Telco functions: networks, procurement, brand & marketing, retail, audit & finance, etc.

Amit explained the AI framework in alignment with Data to Decisions initiatives across Telco’s strategy and gave a glimpse of how data-rich are the Telcos considering multiple data sources integrated into a Telco.

In the last segment of the session, Amit shared best practices for realizing value from AI, gave a walkthrough of a complete eco-system driven by AI & ML and looked at all aspects of creating an AI-driven Telco through 5 tracks of initiatives: C level support & drive, proper data governance, investments to capability building and digitization, enable people and adopt suitable change management.

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