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AI-enabled Legal Spend Management

3AI April 24, 2022

Piyush Wadhwa
Associate Director – Data Science
Wolters Kluwer

In this Session Piyush Wadhwa riveting insights on the Legal spend management ecosystem and strategic ways to track, analyse and optimize costs incurred by legal departments using AI & Analytics. He further uncovered the AI application aspects, challenges and use cases around Predictive Insights, Legal Service Agreements, Invoice Reviews & Portfolio Insights which is helping the larger Organizations effectively achieve their goals.

Besides mentioning the AIOps market potential and who would need AIOps, Muthu also delved into the most common challenges faced while implementing the AIOps around data & analytics, technology & tools and adaptability…and presented one of the approaches to overcome these challenges. Muthu concluded the session by detailing the Ops to AIOps roadmap for organizations across Real-time and Reactive spaces.

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