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Decoding the NextGen Data Scientist: Do’s & Don’ts

May 2, 2021

Swati Jain
Vice President

Data Scientist have come a long way in becoming a sought after and revered profession in the AI & Analytics fields. Over the last decade, Data Scientist role has gone through a transformation wherein new AI technologies & capabilities have created a new expectation & performance bar for aspiring & existing professionals. There’s a serious scarcity of Data Scientists globally and with emergence of data-driven enterprises & increased analytics adoption, Data Scientists will continue to be in high Demand.

Swati Jain, VP – Analytics at EXL is an accomplished and acclaimed data science leader with two decades of rich professional experience and she earned her doctorate in economics from IIT – Delhi. Swati will share her professional journey pathway in conjunction with demystifying the persona of NextGen data scientist, data science trends & developments along with how can organizations develop these highly prized talent and will also dwell upon the attributes and competencies that are required to be a NextGen data scientist replete with industry applications and data science use cases. A must attend sessionnt.

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