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Demystifying the role of cloud in Data engineering

March 11, 2022

Manjunatha K
Associate Director- Data Engineering

The Data Analytics ecosystem built on Cloud is disrupting traditional businesses in numerous ways and leading the next generation of innovation for organizations. The competitive distance between those capable of leveraging digital technology and their less digitally evolved peers has dramatically increased. Of the technologies underpinning business success today, the Cloud is no longer optional but vital. Thus it has become essential for enterprises to explore and define the ways to leverage cloud and data ecosystems.

In this session, Manjunath discussed the components of Data Architecture and explored the role of the Cloud in data solutions. He explained the Cloud architecture components and introduced the audience to different could services across infrastructure data specific services. He narrated multiple cloud-driven data solutions in detail like, cloud infra focused data solutions, cloud specific data solutions, cloud datawarehouse, modern data platform on cloud and cloud-native hybrid data solutions. He also summarized the session with key takeaways for leaders, architects and data engineers.

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