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Email Campaign and Cadence Analytics

3AI September 10, 2020

World leader in film, television and music entertainment

Problem Statement

  • Company executes numerous email campaigns for their official online store selling movie, television, music and entertainment merchandise.
  • Company wished to improve the effectiveness of email campaigns by converting more opens to clicks and clicks to purchases.
  • Increasing database attrition raised concerns of losing customer base for email marketing.

Analytics Led Approach

  • Provided an integrated longitudinal view of marketing touches by customer and delivered insights on those trends.
  • Linked analysis of customer behavior to purchases and order value to financially orient all findings.
  • Provided suggestions on expanding sample data window for improving accuracy and scope of analyses.
  • Data Source: CRM data that includes campaign information at customer level, order purchase data, other customer activity data.

Business Impact

  • Message-mix analysis highlighted the importance of commercial messages in delivering higher open & click rates.
  • Insights and views delivered set the next steps for defining an email cadence testing methodology.

Critical Success Factors

  • Analysis across segments yielded different open/click and purchase behaviors – instrumental in determining the optimal email cadence patterns.
  • Identified the key cadence metrics driving the conversion – Frequency, Time Gap between touches, and Day of the Week

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