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Emergence of New Age Opportunities in Banking & Fintech: Perspectives & Reflections

April 25, 2021

Anshu Sharma Raja
MD – Retail Banking Technology, Standard Chartered Bank

Un-filtered & thought provoking conversation with Anshu Raja Sharma, MD – Retail banking technology, Standard Chartered Bank on topical scenarios & developments in banking & fintech dovetailed with demystifying the secret sauce of building, scaling & sustaining careers in banking, financial services & fintech segments.

Anshu is a seasoned & proven leader with successful stints with Goldman Sachs , Misys, AIG & others; she has seen the crest & troughs of technology cycles engulfing banks & financial services firms and have also guided & mentored several professionals. The session will reflect upon & traverse her professional journey as she will unravel new age opportunities around exponential technologies in banking & fintech segments in conjunction with the approaches to build competencies, skills & mindset for successful professional career. The session will be moderated by Sameer Dhanrajani, President – 3AI.

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