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Infrastructure and Device Management

September 6, 2020

Leading infrastructure major

Problem Statement

  • Leading infrastructure major was having trouble managing its IT operations. With multiple servers, delayed services because of unplanned downtime and failed transitions from delayed infrastructure support – they were loosing out because of customer dis-satisfaction
  • Using multiple infrastructure log files, and details from over 500+ different nodes, a pattern was established in the data to identify predictive downtime and RCA for unplanned fails

Analytics Led Approach

  • Different approach for this engagement:
    • Multiple-correlated data sources
    • Consolidation and correlation was a key
    • Near-real time data was a challenge and
    • False-Positive and True-Negatives were to be tracked
  • multiple models or scenarios, to counter different events, was worked to build a near-real time trigger environment variable

Critical Success Factors

  • Usage of multiple data sources: Correlation of server, node, switch data to come with a collective understanding of the system
  • Two levels of output: Descriptive and Predictive set of outputs and notifications
  • Test on limited systems, scale up implementation on full environment in a phased approach

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