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Intelligent Service Desk – AI In Enterprise Service Management

3AI July 17, 2022

Miraj Vashi
Associate Director – AI,
Symphony SummitAI

In this session, Miraj shared a 360 degree view of Intelligent Service Desk with his inspirational experiences and expertise on how Businesses must capitalise on intelligent service desk solutions that incorporate both technology- and people-based strategies. He shared tips for Organizations to succeed in a future redefined by the new normal in the Enterprise Service Management area. He further highlighted how for an enterprise, ESM has the potential to break silos, streamline service delivery, reduce cost, and deliver top-notch user experience to both internal and external users. He complimented this with interesting AI and ML solutions and use cases which have the potential to take this to the next level while helping Businesses achieve not only tactical but strategic goals too. ESM processes coupled with AI/ML capabilities are essential for any organization to climb the maturity ladder in Service Management space, he mentioned.

In this engaging conversation, Miraj Vashi explained the fundamental domain aspects, the possibilities of AI/ML technologies and how it helps Businesses optimize key metrics. The session also saw a deep dive into interesting use cases, type of AI/ML capabilities utilized in building such use cases and adoption challenges.

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