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Online tracking & measurement of mobile apps

Abdul August 13, 2020

Leading US Life Sciences Company

Problem Statement

  • LS company needed to evaluate performance of smart phone application as a channel of promotion

Analytics Led Approach

  • The solution identified and kept track of Key Performance Indicator and measured ROI at regular intervals
  • Various Data were considered for analysis
    • Number of Users
    • Samples, Vouchers, Patient Literature, Co-pay cards
    • Offline data – Sales, Calls, Demography, Segmentation
  • The following steps were conducted:
    • Physician Profiling
    • Promotional items preference
    • Tracking fulfilment of orders
    • Calculating ROI

Business Impact

  • Profiling of physicians helped client in preferentially targeting the physicians and prioritizing important physician segments
  • Items Preference helped LS company to reach out to physicians with the right promotional item
  • Tracked orders helped the client in correct fulfillment by the physicians
  • Helped the company to quantify the effect of promotion which helped in better sales forecast

Critical Success Factors

  • Identification of high potential, tech savvy customers for future brands, better targeting of customers in terms of specific physician deciles and thereby, leading to cost savings of ~10%

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