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Transforming Customer Experience through contact centers enabled by Analytics_AI

February 27, 2022

Sudha Bhat
AVP – Customer Analytics

Today’s customers would like to reach a contact center that not only provides immediate solutions but also has complete insight into who they are, what they want at that precise point in time and the journey they have been on so far. In the current super-competitive digital era, a company’s brand is built or destroyed based on the customer experience it offers. Companies have understood that, it is not just about marketing and sales but, highly efficient customer service that ensures customer satisfaction & retention.

In this session, Sudha presented the evolution of contact centers starting from the days of customers visiting the physical branches untill today’s digitally enhanced & personalized service models. She shared the key trends in customer experience and touched upon next-gen customer experience and its framework. Sudha also emphasized on the fact that the businesses would need to invest, adapt and adopt the customer-centric culture, streamlined processes, data-driven insights, well established CoE, technology, etc., to drive superior customer experience.

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