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AI Enabled Evidence based Marketing

3AI March 13, 2022

Sajith Kurup
Sales & Marketing Analytics Director
AB InBev

AI-based marketing enables brands to personalize customer experience while providing real-time decisioning. This is based on actionable insights that are obtained through the analysis of massive amounts of historical and current customer data.

In this session, Sajith touched upon event based marketing that uses artificial intelligence to make automated decisions that are based on data collection, data analysis, along with observations and prediction of economic trends that may impact marketing campaigns.  

The session was concluded with discussions on how AI is able to automatically keep data current without human intervention, predict consumer trends and behavior, and make relevant, personalized recommendations to customers. By providing a consistent, convenient, personalized experience across all channels, an AI-enhanced experience leaves the customer feeling emotionally connected with the brand, enhancing customer loyalty and retention further.

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