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Customer Experience Analytics

Abdul September 10, 2020

2nd largest discount retailer in US

Problem Statement

  • The company historically hosted its web channel on a third party framework implemented its own framework moving away from the third party
  • Despite having a large offshore captive IT and BPO services arm, they sought out for external help to cater to their complex needs of customer journey optimization and customer experience management

Analytics Led Approach

  • Optimizing site usability and thereby maximizing ROI on the tools

Business Impact

  • Identify bottlenecks in the checkout funnel
  • Multiple analytics suites to track conversion
  • Troubleshoot site issues to perform RCA
  • Make functional and design recommendations to optimize the site experience
  • Participate and Support site security exercises

Critical Success Factors

  • Understand customer behavior and improve site usability
  • Optimize the checkout process to improve conversion

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