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Developing AI sans Biases & Stereotypes: A step towards an Equitable & Just Future

October 3, 2021

Aparana Gupta
Analytics & Data Science Leader

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds and offers high potential of transforming businesses and societies across the spectrum and while our underlying intent during developments of state-of-the-art solutions leveraging AI might be good in every aspect, it’s imperative for us to also pay heed towards what happens when the biases and stereotypes that we hold as an individual and society gets baked in these AI models. The result & repercussions of these biased & stereotyped AI models could adversely impact the life in many high-stake sectors.

While there are multiple ways at various levels to rise to the challenge of biased AI, it is important to play to the strength of diversity that brings divergent thought processes and blind spots to the fore. Celebrating differences, inclusive and steadfast strategy to mainstream discussions around alleviation of bias and stereotypes, will be the first step to breeding fairness. In this session , please join Aparana as she talks about the ways to thrive this tremendously utilitarian technology across the spectrum while also infusing credibility in this incredibly useful AI.

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