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HPI (Home Price Index) Solution

August 17, 2020

A leading provider of property information

Problem Statement

  • Need to process 120 MM records to create HPI (Home Price Index) at different tiers
  • Existing HPI modeling was performed manually consuming enormous resources

Analytics Led Approach

  • Optimized and reoriented the business logic used for HPI modeling for 12 tiers and 5 geographies (National, State, CBSA, County and Zips)
  • Automated SAS macros and created a single driver to execute the whole HPI creation process

Business Impact

  • More than 50% reduction in turnaround time via automated execution of SAS macros for HPI creation
  • Increase in efficiency by minimizing the manual effort expended in execution

Critical Success Factors

  • Deep understanding of business logic for HPI creation
  • Expertise in handling data from various sources
  • Expertise in statistical modeling techniques and tools
  • Ability to transform the business logic into SAS macros

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