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Propensity to Complete Health Risk Assessment

Abdul August 18, 2020

Leading Healthcare provider

Problem Statement

  • As new enrollees coming off the exchanges will be relatively unknown, HRA information is helpful to risk stratify this population
  • identify enrollees with high/low HRA completion rate to prioritize targeting and outreach

Analytics Led Approach

  • implemented an Advanced Analytics driven HRA completion prediction system
    • To identify members who were more/less likely to complete their HRA
    • Stratify members for member outreach to improve completion rates
  • leveraged 3rd party demographic and psychographic data in addition to internal client data to develop and implement analytical models for ongoing member stratification and identification

Business Impact

  • Member Stratification based on likelihood to complete HRA
  • Outreach Target List Generation based on Propensity generated by Logistic Regression model

Critical Success Factors

  • Advanced analytical process to identify members high/low likely to complete HRA
  • Ability to pro-actively segment and target more likely members to ensure increased completion rates while lowering costs

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