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Tandberg Abandonment & Utilization

Abdul September 5, 2020

Problem Statement

  • Admin department faces user dissatisfaction. Issue being with last minute user abandonment of meetings enabled with Tandberg. This results in unavailability of the facility for those who really need it.

Analytics Led Approach

  • Use analytics to uncover compliance and fraud in internal transactions to enable prepay auditors to improve compliance and reduce loss.

  • Outlier removal based on the  historical approval and rejections patterns of the prepay auditor.

Business Impact

One time useful insights on current situation & extracted significant factors for example

  1. # Rooms Booked (Single room bookings exhibit higher abandonment than multiple room bookings)
  2. Associate Level1(SA & below) exhibit higher Abandonment rate than level2 (Manager & above)
  3. HR function shows higher rate than other Bus
  4. Cities though with high abandonment  score better on utilization
  5. Room utilization tend to increase after 5pm

Critical Success Factors

  • Effective metric calculations for abandonment, room utilization and meeting time utilization for use in existing monitor dashboards
  • Identification of statistical significant user/booking characteristics for prioritized targeting

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