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The era of XAI (Explainable AI): Exploring the Decision making Schemas of AI models

December 12, 2021

Aditya Kumar Pal
Lead Data Scientist

Are you still stuck at evaluating models using accuracy ? or do you feel interpretability is only limited to which variables are important for the model?

With this session, you will be able to look beyond. This session will introduce you to the world of XAI (Explainable AI) and its numerous contents. With XAI becoming one of the major pillars of AI and machine learning, let us understand how we can incorporate explainability into our models- be it a tabular data model, or a text data model or even an image model. XAI can explain you all. When you are able to open a black box model and explain the decisions it takes, it helps you understand complex relationships inside the model. So please join us to hear Aditya talk about XAI and its adoption to build trust in AI systems.

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