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3AI September 10, 2020

World’s largest food company by revenue

Problem Statement

  • Understanding of application landscape ISW / SAP / BW.
  • Manual execution of the data received from the above application in helping the reconciliation process.
  • Functional understanding of TPM processes ++ .Coordination with business teams to gather inputs

Analytics Led Approach

  • Quality of Data Recon
  • Recon automation approach being discussed with BW team.
  • Root cause analysis & effectiveness : BA team to initiate process for ensuring RCA

Business Impact

  • Reduce delay in SAP interface delivery causing delays in Testing and Production environment
  • Less manual efforts and Improved quality
  • Automation and Commercial project plan likely to reduce high # of system defects

Critical Success Factors

  • Analytics KPI’s on the promotion management system to ease the process of creating promotions and payments and also timely reporting of error if any while creating the promotions.
  • Siebel database provides the necessary tools in facilitating efficient way of creating the transactions thereby offering efficient production support system to the customers.

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