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Transforming the Indian Enterprises: The AI Way

As the race to establish AI supremacy picks up, India is taking giant strides in implementing artificial intelligence (AI). Significantly , majority of Indian enterprises are going beyond pilot and test projects and adopting AI at a larger scale. The economic impact of AI in GDP for India, will be primarily driven by productivity gains from businesses augmenting their existing labor force with AI and Increased consumer demand resulting from the availability of personalized and/or higher-quality AI-enhanced products and services

AI for Startups: The New Template for Hypergrowth & Customer Experience

Increasingly, Startups have initiated leveraging AI to the core and consequently, external funding deployed to artificial intelligence (AI) startups by VC/PE firms have reached a record high. Last year, VCs struck 859 deals with AI companies, nearly five times the number that signed on the dotted line four years before. To date, the market contains 2,045 AI startups with more joining by the day.

Reimagine the “New Normal” in GCC Strategy & Transformation: Strategic Approaches

Global Capability Centers(GCCs) are at an inflection point as the pace at which AI & Digital technologies is changing every aspect is exponential and at high velocity. GCCs are contextually empowered with critical and strategic business capabilities. They are rapidly evolving as enterprise transformation hubs and are beginning to be in the center of AI & Digital driven transformation wave. 

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