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Building Thought Leadership in AI & Analytics Ecosystem: The Making of 3AI

3AI June 26, 2022

Sameer  Dhanrajani

3AI, India’s largest platform for AI & Analytics leaders, professionals & aspirants has conceptualized and executed pathbreaking events, summits and conferences with innovative formats & session tracks to foster premier thought leadership advocacy and bring out the next-in-class themes & topics in AI & Analytics relevant for 3AI members & external ecosystem. Our flagship engagement format Knowledge Insights Series100th session will dwell upon a critical aspect of building thought leadership in AI & Analytics industry & ecosystem.

Establishing Thought leadership is often neglected and largely construed in terms of participating in multiple, ad-hoc forums and being recurring visible on social channels rather building thought leadership is all about curating a differentiated POV and disseminating it in the right forums to amplify and create a distinct persona and thus paving way to become an AI & Analytics Influencer.

The session will be delivered by Sameer Dhanrajani, President, 3AI wherein he will showcase the pivotal aspects of building and scaling the thought leadership quotient in AI & Analytics spectrum along with sharing the 3AI journey; the largest confluence of 500+ AI & Analytics thought leaders & 17000+ active 3AI members. Don’t miss to Watch our 100th Knowledge Insights Series Session on Sunday, 26th June at 11 am IST.

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