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Category Relationship Model using Unsupervised Learning

3AI November 7, 2020

3rd Largest Multinational 
consumer goods company

Problem Statement

  • Data was not delivered on time for processing from the suppliers. No streamlined approach been implemented for smooth flow of work
  • Many of the important components was not captured in the dashboard
  • Data is duplicated in the file, which led to inaccurate Penetration %

Solution Approach

  • Internal Data

  • Data from the Suppliers

  • Data Preprocessing

  • Alteryx Model Dataset

  • Excel Outputs

Business Impact

  • Built a sophisticated Alteryx workflow which helped the client to get the necessary information on time and provides better experience and better ease of use of the Apps in iO Platform
  • Created learning algorithms to optimize the existing work which helps to identify the Category, Category Group & Category details based on SKU level mapping reduced the effort required for complete the work more effectively & quickly

Critical Success Factor

  • Integrated Tableau Based visualization

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