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Evolution of AI Solutions in Banking

3AI May 29, 2022

Varun Aggarwal
Vice President,
EXL Analytics

In this session, Varun shared interesting perspectives on how breakthrough innovations in data management and technology in the past few years have transformed the landscape of the Banking & Financial Services industry. He uncovered the analytics spectrum and the opportunities therein complimenting this with interesting use cases on how banks and other financial institutions leverage AI and analytics to automate their legacy processes, innovate solutions for new problems and optimize analytical approaches for better outcomes for business as well as the end consumer.

Varun further shared the key aspects to kick-off and execute new strategic initiatives relating to AI and Analytics and tips for business leaders and data scientists on how to push the envelope and strategize for constantly improving the analytical solutions. He also shared perspectives on how organisations use complementary technologies to deliver end to end services in AI and co-creating an AI strategy which augments business processes.

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